The Plastics Pledge 2042 - the first step

* 1 min read
"This major initiative by the Government is a step forward and I agree that a holistic approach is required to address a very complex issue. At Sun Branding Solutions we have been pushing for this for years."

Gillian Garside-Wight - Packaging Technology Director

We have worked with multiple packaging manufacturers for the last decade, identifying then implementing innovative ways to offer more responsible packaging solutions for our clients.  We have tirelessly pushed to raise this issue, chairing and leading industry-wide events, lobbying MPs and advising our clients.

In our experience as leading brand, packaging and innovation experts, when our clients have switched to more responsible packaging solutions this has required investment from product development through to supply chain alterations which may or may not be cost neutral.  The ongoing debate remains - who will pick up this cost?

Consumers are the catalyst driving change, now along with the government pledge (not just us) this will result in big changes to consumer behaviour and the retail environment.  Brands and retailers need to move faster to respond to their customers’ demands.  This is a good start, however there’s lots of other challenges to be resolved e.g. back of store packaging that consumers never see.

We must not forget the primary function of packaging is to contain, protect, preserve and promote and we must continue to ensure it does not damage the environment we live in.

Lots to address.  We will continue to drive and support change, we have some answers and yes, we are relieved this day has finally come.