Five must-haves for managing colour consistency

* 2 min read

Why do our colour experts spend their days in a windowless room with grey walls, wearing their most neutral outfits? They’re not dull… they’re just creating the perfect environment to manage colour.

Different viewing and lighting conditions, not to mention different substrates, can affect how we see a colour. Sitting next to a red wall is enough to project a warm cast over an object or proof, so what can you do to make sure the colour you’re viewing is correct, and not influenced by external colours?

There are several steps you can take to ensure you create the correct viewing conditions; these are our colour experts’ top tips:

1. Keep your décor neutral

Here at Sun Branding, we have a dedicated colour room which is completely grey, so there’s no risk of our proofs being affected. We’ve used a grey tone version of our logo to add some interest, but the vibrant colours had to go.

colour room

2. No flashy fashion statements

Our colour experts even keep their clothes fairly neutral, so as not to affect viewing conditions. Clothing can be difficult because it either absorbs colour or reflects it, and depends on the pigments of the clothing. So, no sequined jackets in your colour room! 

3. Get your lighting right

Lighting is another very important consideration to take on board. It’s written that for colour viewing, lights should aim to be as close to the D50 spectral power distribution as possible. The standard requires not only that light sources used for colour viewing be a close match to D50, but also that this spectral measurement be accurate at the surface of the object you are viewing. We make sure our lighting is in accordance with the international standards organisation (iso); by living up to the iso standard for lighting, we can make sure that what we’re viewing is always on point.

PANTONE Lighting Indicator1234574. Keep retouchers in the dark

You should also make sure that the lighting is darker where your retouchers sit so they don’t get any influence on the screens, as they need to be working from a neutral stance, and a controlled viewing environment. 

5. Keep up with the DIY
Maintaining your lighting is another must. As light tubes get older, they start to yellow if you have a proof and view it under newly maintained lighting it may very well look perfect, but come back in 2 years’ time, and view the same proof, it would have a yellow cast and influence your work. We would go as far to say that controlled lighting is the biggest factor when it comes to perfecting images, if you get it right you will get the result you want, every time. 


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