Intelligent Artwork Automation Implementation

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Lisa Skinner shares her experience of the ground breaking Intelligent Artwork Automation tool: e-volve

You may have seen our e-volve Intelligent Artwork Automation tool, which is a ground breaking piece of technology that fully automates packaging artwork, producing print ready, fully compliant artworks in a matter of seconds. It's an impressive tool that we are rightly proud of. 

However, you are probably wondering, ‘Just how hard is it to use this tool? Will I have to completely change my packaging launch process? How disruptive will it be to implement?

I have been an Account Director with Sun Strategy for over 12 years, managing some of our biggest clients, both Brands and RetailersArtwork automation for packaging has always been a career ambition of mine. I had long believed that it was possible to develop a tool that could change the production of packaging artwork, in the same way that automation changed the production of POS & other print media. 

So, with the support of my Leadership Team, and an extremely talented artwork and coding team, we developed and delivered e-volve. To date, we have produced in excess of 30,000 artworks through this tool. Taking an average of 20 seconds to produce an artwork, and significantly reducing the time and cost of packaging artworks for some of our largest clients. You also get the added bonus of truly consistent artworks, and the resulting impact on shelf that brings.  

Looking at the project from a clients’ perspective, I knew that when we embarked on building e-volve, that it was vital that we developed business processes around the technology that would enable clients to take advantage of e-volve, without the need to completely re-engineer their current launch processes. So, throughout the development of the tool, we stayed true to that ethos and made the tech do the heavy liftingAllowing your existing artwork processes to be migrated over to e-volve easily and quickly so you can start enjoying the benefits now with minimum disruption to your business. 

You don’t need expensive plug ins, special software or product licenses.   


So, how DO you implement artwork automation? 

e-volve works by using the same assets that you would normally need for traditional artwork builds; Design File, Cutter, Pack Copy, Images & other Logos/Brand Architecture. The beauty of the tool is that the tech is built into the front end, which means that from a client’s point of view, not much changes when it comes to preparing your assets for artwork creation. 

The same golden rules apply for automation as for manual artwork: 

  • Consistent & correct approved pack copy
  • Fully approved design files set up correctly for artwork
  • Approved library of master logos and brand guidelines 

We have automated packaging artworks for both food and non-food products, from simple one colour labels to highly complex packaging structures with high quality print finishes and print processes. Put simply, any artwork that can be produced manually can be produced through e-volve. 

Of course, there are some projects that just aren’t suitable for automation, for example, a one off unique product.  But for most product ranges, (whether on the same cutter or not) using e-volve will significantly reduce your time to market and cost of artwork production. 

I have implemented artwork automation with several clients, helping them save 60-80% on their existing artwork costs. In my experience, to get the most from the tool, focus on getting your assets and data right to maximise the strategic value of your packaging.

Sun Strategy is an holistic end to end technology led business designed for a new digital environment. By combining packaging and retail expertise with strong technology know-how we are able to develop systems that don’t only problem solve, but drive efficiencies for customers. Constantly evolving to the changing landscape of the market. 

Our platforms deliver live and accurate data to our client’s personalised dashboards; our tech is a game-changer pioneering the right choices for our clients, consumers, and the planet. 

If you’d like to know more about how e-volve can transform your packaging launch process - please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.  

About the author

imageedit 1 6168940299 Lisa Skinner - Account Director

Lisa  has over 20 years’ experience in the industry, working with some of the world’s largest  Brands  and  Retailers. Including  Hershey,  Kraft,  P&G,  GSK,  Nestle,  Heinz,  Britvic,  Twinings  and Kingfisher. She  has managed packaging artwork and design operations in the  UK, USA  and  Canada. More recently, senior client relationships and onsite client management teams. 

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