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As we approach the bank holiday weekend, some of us will be celebrating 70 years of Her Majesty’s reign while others will simply be enjoying an extra day off work. Either way, British weather permitting, I’m sure we’ll all enjoy extra family time either at a street party celebration or a picnic.

Leading up to The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this weekend we are expecting over 16,000 street parties across the country and many towns and villages have the bunting out already but do we have a responsibility to check our excess and consider the environmental impact of our celebrations?

Absolutely we do. No-one is saying we can’t enjoy ourselves, but we must act responsibly.

Traditional street party trappings which include bunting and partyware may have been crafted from reusable materials back in the day but now these items are more likely to be plastic and often disposable.  Many litter charities are warning of the huge potential litter problem as disposable items are used and discarded, leaving an almighty mess to clear-up.

Along the pageant route alone, waste management company Veolia Environmental Services is preparing to undertake clean-up operations which could see it collect approximately 30 tonnes of bunting, flags, banners and champagne bottles. 

Keep Britain Tidy is keen to join in the Jubilee celebrations but reminds us that we can do so in a more sustainable way;

The Queen and many members of her family have made no secret of their passion for protecting our environment, preserving our woodland and wildlife and ensuring a sustainable future. With this in mind, as the country joins together to celebrate her reign, we are calling for people to be Green for the Queen as they stage their own Jubilee celebrations.
GC1Allison Ogden-Newton, Chief Executive, Keep Britain Tidy

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Image Source: Daily Record

Calls to use reusable partyware, fabric or home crafted bunting and to avoid heavily packaged food are echoed by Windsor Parks as well as most local councils as they gear up for a busy weekend.  Partygoers are also being encouraged to cater carefully to avoid over buying and subsequent food waste as well as being prepared to collect and separate their waste for recycling.  Calls for a more sustainable street party are reminiscent of times gone by; paper and cloth decorations, flowers and reusable crockery and home-made food - what could be more appropriate when celebrating Her Majesty’s 70-year reign than to echo the parties of her Coronation?

It might seem that the powers-that-be are trying to dampen the National Jubilee fever but I am certain that Her Majesty will appreciate any attempts to ‘Go Green for the Queen’ and to celebrate in an environmentally friendly way; so there will be no balloons, plastic straws or plastic bunting chez-moi this weekend and whilst a conscious effort will be made to reduce waste and make environmentally sound choices, we will still be planning on having a right-royal knees-up!

Congratulations Her Majesty! 

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