Dominos; transforming a fast food business for the digital age

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After the sensational launch of e-volve, intelligent artwork automation, I’ve been reflecting on other game changers who have pioneered change within their industries and asking what we can learn from their experiences.


Dominos has been around for decades but found itself in a retail slump when consumers lost interest in their lack lustre pizzas and clunky service. It was clear to Dominos that in order to survive they had to transform their business model.

Dominos addressed their recipes and worked with consumers to improve their product but knowing the industry was moving to mobile, the brand decided to take a mobile-first approach. By building world-class native and iOS mobile clients, with a powerfully responsive experience, the Domino’s business model fundamentally shifted. Digital sales quickly overtook traditional sales with the vast majority of these coming from mobile.

Dominos had to start thinking themselves as an “e-commerce company that happens to sell pizza.”

Today, customers can order through Apple TV, Google Home, Amazon Echo, Ford Sync, SMS, Samsung Smart TVs, smartwatches, an in-app voice assistant, and other emerging platforms, as well as via Tweets, Slack, and Facebook messenger.

In markets where customers can shop, buy and consume goods and services digitally, innovation is increasingly being driven by the seemingly insatiable appetite of consumers for the newest technology but Dominos also recognised that to generate loyalty they needed to also ‘surprise & delight’ their consumers which they try and do at every touchpoint to create a seamless Dominos customer experience. Dominos knows it can’t stand still and are constantly asking how it can further enhance the customer experience. Today, Dominos is worth over $14billion.

Dominos’ stock has grown 90x from $2 to $180 since 2010. These growth rates dwarf those of Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple.

We recognise that this marriage of customer experience with technology is a common theme amongst successful disruptor brands to transform an aspect of a product or service and it’s a learning that we have taken to heart. As a packaging design and management business, we invest in digital solutions which not only demonstrate clear results for our clients but which are easy and quick to use and help us create a packaging vision fit for the future.

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