Digital asset management - what its all about

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Chances are you'll have heard about Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems of late. We've put together a simple overview of what they're all about...

DAM systems were at hot topic at this year’s ProcureCon event in London that we attended, Xenia Olajosova, Global Media, Digital, Transformation Leader at Duracell, lead a presentation stressing the importance of implementing a DAM:


"On average, employees spend 18 minutes searching for an asset."

Now that’s a lot of wasted time just searching for the file that you need, whether it's wading through the thought process of the internal folder structure or trying desperately to locate it in your emails.

Unlike traditional asset storage, such as your office server, digital asset solutions provide a centeralised hub, and grants powerful search and collaboration tools that enable you to easily find everything you need in one convenient place, allowing teams more time to focus on being creative and less on manual processes. The collaborative process also makes it much easier to report on productivity inside your organisation, allowing you to report on the efficiency and performance of assets, and helping facilitate logical decision making.

The big key benefits for a DAM system are that it:

  • Helps companies scale content
  • Enables content reuse
  • Supports development of content for omnichannel delivery

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DAM systems allow a business to save time, money and give you an increased focus, allowing the whole company to become more productive.

"Once I learnt about it, I was like – Great this is exactly what we need"

Design Director - United Airlines

Of course, like any new implementation, adoption is key, and organisations must have a very informed approach when introducing a DAM system to the business. If staff are unwilling to change, it may require a lot of internal effort to get them to use the technology and you may end up with a very expensive system that no one uses.

Our own system ‘Sunrise’ aids in the process of digital asset management, with a focus on business process management and online asset approval.These are essential parts of an overall DAM system, and is used for managing multiple brands, sub-brands and product ranges. Every business has their own unique business process challenges. Inflexible applications often force your business to work in undesired ways. Instead of imposing an application that forces your business to adapt to our processes, we’re proud to say that Sunrise has complete flexibility to meet bespoke needs, as well as being adaptable when things change, further reducing the effort in coordinating data collection and consolidation.

This linked with the other digital essentials that a DAM system offers, readies an organisation to take advantage of the omnichannel playing field. Below are some essential requirements that we have come to expect from DAM systems:

1. Library service

  • Storage & backup
  • Search
  • Tagging & AI
  • Copyrights
  • Preview
  • Download

2. Work in progress assets

  • Versioning
  • Approvals
  • Workflow management

3. Video & emerging content support

  • Video commenting

4. Marketing support

  • CMS & website
  • Social media
  • Google

5. Usability & user interface

  • Available across screens
  • Loading speed
  • Analytics
  • Reports
  • Reminder & notifications

6. Enterprise platform integration

Summing up, if you can't find the files you need, your assets need extra explanation, file conversions are taking up design time or if your systems don’t communicate with each other, a DAM system should offer you a way out.

If your keen to see how Sunrise can increase your organisations productivity, you can find out more here.