Bringing luxury to life with innovative print techniques, 3D rendering & gold particles

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Nothing says luxury like gold, but sometimes metallic Pantones just don’t cut it - especially on shrink wrap gravure. So when Comfort asked us to give their Luxurious limited edition ultra-concentrated fabric conditioner real shelf standout, we turned to solar gold varnish to achieve a textured, luminescent effect.

We’re artwork, repro and colour specialists with a long-standing relationship with Unilever. Working with the brand’s design agency and designated printers, we recommended print finishes and innovative inks to bring a 3D effect and a disruptive pack design for their latest Comfort SKU. Print trials showed that metallic inks weren’t producing a strong enough finish on the shrink wrap gravure label, so we built artwork using two layers of white to increase opacity, then used a solar gold varnish to bring sparkle to the pack.

We also used innovative 3D rendering software to bring the product to life before production began, to show the client how the pack would look from all angles, and how the design could be adapted so that the shrink wrap format didn’t detract from the designers’ original vision. This not only allowed the client to review the final product in 3D without paying for costly samples, it allowed us to complete the whole artwork process in just one week.

"Comfort Intense Luxurious is our big news for 2016. We have a brilliant product and really wanted to shout it from the pack. Our graphics partner has been crucial to the process with its innovation and experience in special effects, bringing colours alive with mixtures rather than special Pantone colours. The 3D software it used to check every element of the pack secured perfect results first time."

Yasemin Kural, European brand manager at Comfort

We’re really proud to have won Silver in the IOM3 Starpark Awards in 2016 for our innovative work on the Comfort Luxurious pack.

The Starpack Award judges said:

“Good use of printing technology to bring the pack to life. On pack looks on brief. Impactful and differentiating in this busy sector, the sleeve works well in high and low shrink areas and generates an overall 'lift' on shelf.”