Webinar – The truth about compostability

Are you guilty of misinforming consumers on the impact that compostable, biodegradable and bio-plastic packaging has on the environment?

It’s an easy mistake to make when material suppliers themselves are advertising incorrect information.

Let us help you navigate the truth so your brand can re-educate consumers and empower them to do the right thing. Join us to explore:

  • The lack of understanding around today’s most commonly perceived “sustainable” materials – why consumers are confused
  • How should your sustainability strategy inform your brand strategy. A practical guide
  • What does good (and not so good) look like
  • How to create design that doesn’t mislead consumers with accurate labelling that’s easy to understand

Your Host

Clare Leeland 
Client Partner

Specialises in translating consumer insight into brand truths to inform design strategy. Having moved from technical packaging design to Sun Strategy's holistic brand and structure approach, Clare believes sustainability can be an integral part of a brand’s identity.